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a letter awaiting a reply!

Hello Mr. ‘You’

R. No. 119 

Although you told me your name last night. But I am addressing you by ‘You’ for a reason. The same reason for which I am writing to you before I leave the motel this morning.

I had many visits to Manali but this was different and for the first time I am leaving the place with a contention. And believe me if I wouldn’t have written this letter, my contention could never had been accomplished.

Yesterday, at 3:00 AM when I came down, walking outside for some peace. I saw you, I approached you not because I wanted to have a smoke rather I just needed some company to talk. I faked it by telling you that I desperately need a smoke, in fact I have hardly smoked twice or thrice in my entire life. And actually, that scene of a young guy immersed deeply in his thoughts sitting at the rock by the stream-side, and that smoke from his lips creating some mystical image which danced with the symphony of flowing water softly hitting those tiny rocks. Anyone would have got enticed by the view and that aesthetic ambience.

While we talked at length, on different matters, I realised I was missing some part of me since I passed my schooling. It is often said that girls mature at a much wider sense and at a very early stage; but somehow I had been missing my thoughtfulness broadly. May be the more we get into the specifics of life, the more we drift ourselves away from self-introspection. I know it was not intended but our conversation unknowingly touched such topics which intrigued me and my thoughts.

Usually I never do this, but ‘You’ need to know something about me. While what I shared with you from inside of me was all true, straight from my heart. But what I covered for outside of me was all false and cooked up, instantly by my mind.

When I told you that I am in Manali for my work assignment; well that was true. But it isn’t for the construction of any passage in the rear mountains at Vashisht. Also, the fact that I told you that I am being accompanied by my fiancé whom you saw waving and directing me back to the room, is also untrue. I did not want to hinder the quality of our conversation by some irrelevant truthfulness; which ironically seems important now, as I leave the place.

‘You’ shall be acquainted with this: Yes, I work on assignments but the one which are assigned to me are for renting my physical self, and also with that: the one who called me back to the room last night wasn’t a fiancé rather he was ordering me back to work. Do you remember, how we talked about social taboos and interdictions. Well, I am one of the resource as well as production of the same kind.

Whenever I happen to tell someone about my occupation, either I am evaluated as immoral or I am being seen by pity. I shall tell you that, please don’t feel any of them for me. For being immoral is absurd adjective for me, as I am well aware of my ethics. While there are people who see intercourse as a sacred thing that should only be enjoyed only with the person they love or they marry, however there are also people who view it as an ordinary activity that one can do with anyone. And remember that, ‘You’ yourself complimented my thoughts on moral beliefs yesterday, isn’t it?

And for the pity, you may save it for those who needs them actually, I was never forced to do what I do. I am as passionate about my work as you are for writing. The only difference is I have found ways to make it my profession and you’re still imprecise about directions.

‘You’ knew when I told you that how I have tasted success eventually, that was an absolute truth. I started from the streets of Sonagachi, Kolkata to local places of different cities and towns; and then to VIP areas and lavish societies. Moreover, this morning I also got my VISA clearance for Berlin (Germany).

However, I won’t say I have no regrets. I faced dirty challenges, I face them even now sometimes. But as per my fellow professionals’, things are different in Germany. Harlots have their well-defined rights, human trafficking is highly controlled, both the service renderer and recipient are made educated and sensitized of health hazards. People cannot just demand what they feel like. Everything is regulated in a structure, with all mandatory registrations of workers they are endowed with all social benefits just like employees. And evidently there is minimal chances of being abused. Surprisingly, these legalizations were established in the era of 1800s there.

It’s hard to witness harsh realities of life. I have grieved for around ten to fifteen of my fellow workers, who lost their lives due to STDs. Much to misery, one of them was a little girl, not even 18. Due to absence of a definite legal structure, sadly, the little kids are also either forced or lured in this field. I read that a comprehensive study of WHO revealed the fact that prostitutes in India are mostly minors and there is a rapid increase in the numbers in recent years.

‘You’ said you’re studying law, I wanted to ask something yesterday but not wanted to drive the conversation at different and ambiguous direction. But guess I can take advantage of asking the same here in this letter. Even though I know; I am never going to receive a reply to this letter.

A page at Wikipedia says that Prostitution in India is legal, Is that true?

If so, why are we treated in a discriminatory manner? Why don’t the local police who takes bribe for the same, knows this fact? Why are we still charged on criminal grounds for different aids and means of our profession like soliciting, owning brothels and seeking clients for our work? Why isn’t there any person/NGO/ TV ads who/which could educate about our legal rights, if there are any. If government is ready to recognize us, then Why is that we’re still labelled as shady, grey and blacklisted.

I am not expert of interpretations but we are often made victims of circumstances. Honestly, I love my country and I am a little dishearten about leaving my own soil. But this profession of mine, which is one of the most ancient work and once belonged to esteemed-royal services of our country historically; is yet far from a strive to earn its dignity and necessary responsiveness.

Lastly, thank you for being ‘You’ and having a serene conversation. I might be biased about my thoughts but if someday you find answers to my questions, please write a reply and leave it anywhere at the internet.

I might find & read.

                                                                                                                    Thanks, Miss ‘Me’

An acquaintance from the riverside

Saturday, 14.12.2013

(please return the envelope to the receptionist… I just borrowed)