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Morning is the soul’s night..!

Morning is the soul’s night,

B’cz it may sleep while our senses seek sight

For the deepest hour that plays its silent blues,

It often rises yet keeps thousands of instinct dues

No matter what the morning is to speak tomorrow,

The soul is yet to close its latest chapter with no sorrow

A tree which stands in a lamp shade mesmerising the fuddled night,

Life has its beauty, it wonders flying through leaves in sky so lewdly white

The one adjoining road with a path so bright beating the dusk,

And yet is another one; a lane so blind, so shady & turning so brusque

Keepers are at a distant, imaginations persistent,

Wondering what reasons being arranged by the mornings’ assistant

A warm heated metal is often melted into a wine,

The glasses so divine pouring lullabies malign

Morning is the soul’s night,

B’cz it may sleep while our senses seek sight

It is known by masters, the beings, the greens,

That Sun is to shone in a while with a smile

But seldom do they find that this morning always brings,

A tenacity to embrace the river as longest as Nile

So in spite of tomorrow of future and of past,

Where journeys are on sprint regardless of parting companion

It’s the time in midst of creation and of extinction so vast,

Let’s do nothing but inhale a deep thought with the uproots of this banyan

And moving small pauses for melody of life; either left or right

Keeping a recall for the farthest star of light

Since morning is the soul’s night

B’cz it may sleep while our senses seek sight!



ek khali kora panna, ek pencil ka nanha tukda, muthi bhar adhurey khwab.... Or ishq, atey jatey lamho se.. ehsaas se!

9 thoughts on “Morning is the soul’s night..!

  1. प्रकृति का सुंदर चित्रण, उसकी सुंदर भावो के साथ एक आत्मिक, वास्तविक व्याख्या। एक पूर्ण समनव्यात्मक मिलान।

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