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The Caged

all the books i read
have never said
what i felt

the pen and the paper
were soaked in the pain
of regret

yet there was a smile
to disguise
them all

my thoughts were arrested
being undirected
as they want

people were people
should have been simple
they were not

i followed the recipe
cooked it on gasoline
still it was raw

the prison is freedom
decorated dirt-some
we do love

So i decided
to rather be brave
to sit & observe
the ‘Caged’.

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I am in a cave
it’s not so dark
i see what i feel
it might leave a mark

the ocean is high
I can’t say why
but all i wanna do
is to dive inside

the floor is slippery
i might run into a fall
slow if it is opt for
i might miss it all

musical and lyrical
it is played by its own
silence of the music
is all that is known

love and sorrow
i look at them at awe
and mesmerise

the cave has no roof
it has no base
it’s hollow and deep
with stars to praise

floating and swimming
as long as it cruise
i travel alone
no roots & no shoots

I am in a cave
like a starving bear
who look for some honey
to spread, lick and spare.

When they say
to meditate
i smile at them
and rephrase

from the peak of a mountain
to the shore of a sea
allow me to call it as
an ‘Odyssey’.

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“Isn’t life a miscalculated mathematics?” asked the farmer from the roadside farm, as she handed me a freshly grown green tomato. “Effort is to bring all the sums & problems to conclude at Zero; however more the effort is, farther the zero is…” she took a small pause & smiled “….at an altitude beyond calculation

The tomato had no taste yet it gave a small break to my all-day hunger, as i drove into the city.

कद शून्य से ज़्यादा भी नहीं,
क्यों दिखने पर दिखता ही नहीं

क्या इतनी भी न थी इकाई दुकाई,
सतह की परत भी न उतरने पाई

वैसे तो विशाल ही जाना था इसको,
दूर से देवता माना था इसको

फिर भी इसका भरोसा ही नहीं,
कद शून्य से ज़्यादा भी नहीं

अनगिनत किस्से और कथाओं में,
अद्भुत अमानवीय चित्रण है इसका

अनुभूति के आश्वासन पर,
जीवन का छल सरल सा दिखता

पर इसके आर पार जो भी है,
सब मिल कर पूर्ण शून्य भी तो नहीं

कद शून्य से ज़्यादा भी नहीं,
क्यों दिखने पर दिखता ही नहीं

नियमों के प्रतिबध मनुष्य,
ढाक–ढाक चलते फिरते हैं

पर पृष्ठ के हर आखिर कोने पर,
झूठे बिन न आगे बढ़ पाते

अब शून्य तक का सफर ही हो जब,
उसे भी न पा पाएं मिलकर सब

तो काहे का सौंदर्य दर्पण,
क्यों लीला के रंग भरे हम

ऐसा विराट रूप क्यों हो इसका,
जो एक मात्र–कपट के कुछ भी नहीं

आमोद प्रमोद का जंजाल लगे,
भ्रष्टता का भंडार लगे

इसका कोई आधार नहीं,
कद शून्य से ज़्यादा भी नहीं,
क्यों दिखने पर दिखता ही नहीं।।

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ग़ालिब @ periphery of 2020

Old दिल्ली

हमको मालूम है जन्नत की हकीकत लेकिन,
दिल के खुश रखने को ग़ालिब ये ख़्याल अच्छा है।

Wretched, cursed, damned and haunted
they named 2020 like they never wanted,
The cry forever was high to sigh
May be it was blessed if we carry a smile.

उनके देखे से जो आ जाती है मुंह पर रौनक,
वो समझते हैं कि बीमार का हाल अच्छा है।

The year was mean, we were quarantine
Yet the folks realised, words sat aside,
People need people to talk, drink and mingle
Miseries or in sickness, with companions it’s all fun.

कतरा दरिया में जो मिल जाए तो दरिया हो जाए,
काम अच्छा है वो, जिसका मआल अच्छा है।

No matter we worked all day – noons & nights
At video calls & phone calls we could neither argue nor fight,
‘I’ remained a drop of water while we missed the whole ocean
Without the team we chase no dream and time was on a ‘no run’.

और बाज़ार से ले आए अगर टूट गया,
सागर- ए – जम से मेरा जाम – ए – सिफाल अच्छा है।

All that were ploughed was ruined, if so
You shall never return and let patiently grow,
The year has passed like a scotch from a glass
Consider it a price for a magical surprise.

देखिए पाते हैं उशाक बुतों से क्या फैज़,
इक बिरह्मण ने कहा है कि यह साल (२०२१) अच्छा है

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The Mask

Met him at the juncture of Yes or No,
He had no face yet his smile had a glow

“How do you do?” he asked me,
And I kept wondering if I can respond to thee

Thin, broad yet lighter, the faceless was so lean,
I whispered if he had a tale of his being

He replied “I am new; I exist for misery”,
They consider me a huge task, I am often called –

‘The Mask’

I wanted to be a hero but they made fun of me,
I intended to protect but they wanted to set free

My existence is a little longer though compromises as it is,
My ask is a patience which I found to be extinct

I don’t wish to stay longer
As the heroes are only for a day
And soon they become devils
To be demolished and sent away!!

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It was a fine evening before Diwali, a smoggy one in Delhi offcourse. I was driving back home when i stopped at a red light to witness a strange encounter.

An RJ at FM radio was trying to convince his audience about why we shall still observe social distancing, avoid markets, crowds and celebrate the festival cautiously & in an environment friendly way. Clearly, the scene outside to the Car glasses was the opposite one -“Huge rush in the market and cars honking on the road.”

At the red light before Munirka flyover, a lady in her early 40s came towards my car and knocked over the car window. I slightly rolled down the window, only enough to hear her voice. She handed over her CV to me and requested to share the same with my HR in office. She was going car by car and doing the same. She told me that she used to cook at a restaurant and lost her job during the lock down.

I looked at the paper and found that this restaurant was one of the decent known brands of South Delhi. Her resume said she is educated and available for any kind of job. I took a picture of it, kept the paper at the dashboard and forwarded it to few known one’s before i started my engine & accelerated towards NH-8.

An emotion had rested with me when she looked straight in my eyes and pleaded not for aid but for reference.

That emotion was of a “Fear” of the unknown.

जोड़ कर कितना भी रखें खुद को
टूट जाने का खौफ़ आता है

ज़िन्दगी की धूप में छाव तलाशें तो भी
पतझड़ आने का खौफ़ आता है

इत्मीनान भरा वक्त गुज़ारें कैसे
बीत जाने का खौफ़ आता है

पल भर का जो सुख हाथों में थमा दें अगर
उनके छिन जाने का खौफ़ आता है

सहूलियतों की आदतें ना पड़ने पाए
मुश्किलों के आने का खौफ़ आता है

यूं ही खिड़कियों पर पर्दे नहीं होते
झांके जाने से खौफ़ आता है

मेहफूसियत के एहसास से राब्ता जो हो
महरूम हो जाने का खौफ़ आता है

दिल के पास आने का सिलसिला कैसा
फिर से हार जाने का खौफ़ आता है

मंजिलें कई दूर मालूम होती है
रास्ते भटक जाने का खौफ़ आता है

जोड़ कर कितना भी रखें खुद को
टूट जाने का खौफ़ आता है ।

टूट जाने का खौफ़ आता है ।।

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कहानियों से घिरे हुए,
किस्से सभी तो जुड़े हुए
न जाने कहाँ सब जा रहे,
धुआं हुए हर मोड़ पे

इन हसरतों के भी क्या माईनें ?
इन सपनो के भी क्या कुछ अर्थ हैं ?
पल भर के सुख को देखने,
की होड़ में सब लुप्त हैं

बस द्वेष उसके साथ है,
जो सब्र सबके पास है,
कहीं कम, कहीं विराट है
पर कुछ उसकी भी मांग है

तू भाग कर कहाँ जाएगा,
इस कहानी का तू जो भाग है
मालुम है तू घबराएगा,
पर फिर भी चलता जाएगा,
तुझे अंत की जो प्यास है

अजब नहीं है पात्र इसके,
ये तब भी हूबहू यही थे,
बस रंग, रूप, वेश, भाषा
में थोड़ा थोड़ा फरक किया है

ये बोलते तब भी यही थे
परिस्थितियों के वारिस बने,
सब खेलते – झेलते यही थे
ज़रा देख कर पहचान ले

बाहर निकल के अपने घर से,
पूछ हर उस वृक्ष से,
जो है खड़ा प्रत्यक्ष पे,
और दिख रहा जिसे हर अंश है

नदियों के पास जा के बैठ,
उनकी आवाज़ को भी सुन
कहानी उसके भी पास है,
जिसका तू भी एक पात्र है

और हो सके तो हर सवेरे,
उगते सूरज से समझ
जितने भी प्रश्नों में घिरा है,
उसको सब उत्तर पता है

वे ही तो सूत्रधार है,
जिसने लिखा उसका वास है
इक डोर से टिका हुआ,
इस भ्रमांड से जुड़ा हुआ
तेज और तपिश के बीच,
समझ इसे
और बात कर

ज़रा झांक ले
भीतर कहीं,
जिसे ढूंढ़ते
हम हर जगह,
वो पृष्ठ तेरे ही पास है

इस कहानी को तू मत परख,
बस इसके भाव को समझ
इसके रुझान को समझ,
तू क्यों फसा है काल में ?

लघु कथा इसे न जानियो,
कहनकार को न मानियो
किस्सों का ये जंजाल है,
इसका न कोई सार है

ये अनंत है ।
ये अनंत है ।।

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A trek is incomplete.

No way…. !

said the ‘me’ inside me

the farther we climb the harder it gets

let me save my breath and rest

sky is so bright, clear and white

and earth below the unmeasured snow

this is the place that no one own

my feet are frozen

vision getting blurred

yet you pull me along

with your stubbornness hung

I feel i should sweat

but there is none

why can’t i feel the hard work done

No passer-by nor companions around

No sound and no smell on this run

Just my heavy hounding breath

The ins and outs to observe

and where do you lead

Oh, my self belief

the reward you promised

seems unworthy to be brief

would have i stayed at the foothills

i must atleast had those dreams

being lazy is a gift,

shud hv preferred instead

but you the one of me

said you’re wiser than i can ever be

and handed me realities for my dreams

which is incredible i agree

but halfway to uphill

i see there isn’t a will

a reason to succeed

is lost at mile every & each

and if this is midway

half down or half up away

either way i take

My plan is now to stay

and you of me shall agree

the way i do when you say

now i know why people dwell

they walk but within their shell

or if they ever get away

they atleast know how far are they

they know they’ll be back pretty soon

with certainty of their Sun & Moon

Yet i know you will insist

to explore what haven’t i seen

to not to settle in the green

you devlish part of me

would you allow me to rest

at least for now please

to close my eyes and catch up the breathe

to feel the air and atmosphere

to lie wild upon the snowy bed

to look up in serenity and in some peace

just pause the game for a while

i am having a nap

so i may

comeback with a smile.






A trek is incomplete….

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बाकी सब गुमनाम है

नपा तुला सा वक्त भी,
संभल रहा
बेगुज़र ही !

गुमशुदा हर शख़्स भी,
चल रहा
बेखबर ही !

आधा अधूरा ख्याल भी,
बिखर रहा
बेहिसाब ही !

हसरतें बाकी कहीं
सिमटी हुई
सिसक रही !

शख्सियत वे सब ही
ओढ़े हुए
दुबक रही !

दस्तकें अभी अभी
ठहरी हुई
हाज़िर हुई !

अर्जियां जितनी भी थीं
सब बेवजह
खारिज हुई !

कागजी मोहल्लतें
पलटी यूं कि
साज़िश हुई !

कैसा ये खाली ख्वाब है,
ना सुबह है ना शाम है,
संघर्ष जिसका काम है,
वह वक्त आज आम है

जो समझ रहे
वो चंद हैं,

जो कसक रहे
वो अनंत हैं,

एक अनजाना बदलाव है,
बाकी सब गुमनाम है !

बाकी सब गुमनाम हैं !!

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The road towards the hills

Always travelled on the plains
from highways to the lanes,
yet nowhere had i found
the pleasure so certain

And then one fine night
while i took the turn right,
and drove toward the roads so fine
where companions (you know) were just pines

Valleys waved and the birds sung
i wonder for bewitching sceneries hung,
unrolled my windows, i breathed in
the air, fragrance & euphony blew in

Turn by turn i kept my run
until i saw her flowing in the sun,
peaceful yet so swift was her pace
the mountain had a jewel to grace

I put my engine on a halt
stepped out to touch and feel her warmth,
Yes, it was freezingly cold to shiver
still i rested in the lap of the river

The further i went green turned to white
I won’t even put my words for the sight,
it seemed the mountains have their plans
to reach me & pull me closer with both hands

And so i stood at the peak of the ice
i knew for sure there isn’t a price
we struggle forever to conquer the land,
But hills, rivers & mountains are to notwithstand

The cloud there, was hosting the treat
It seemed they spoke for Mr. Hill-Sun-Meet,
They put their hands on my shoulder
before they sought a profound answer

I thought i will smile
rather i trembelled for a while,
glancing at the canvas that mist surrounds
i gathered the courage and said at once

I am here for a day
yet i understand what you say,
you dwell here from the time unknown
you never change, you never frown

You shelter, you guard, you provide & entertain
You live alone and with a peace so certain,
And yet we just come for a treat as a tourist
the one who thinks they learn are just religious purist

We, from the rest of us, are unable to value
gifts, experience and lessons from you,
i know you won’t expect us to replicate
but atleast we shall reflect some of your trait.

झील और झरनों का संगीत कैसा
नासमझों की दुनिया में द्वेष किसका

पहाड़ों पूछ ना लेना सवाल ऐसा
रास्ते भर ढूंढते रहे जवाब जिसका

किसी भी मोड़ पर लड़खड़ा जाएं हम
स्वर बहते रहे साथ तो चलते जाएं हम